WARNING: This game contains flashing lights, disturbing imagery and jumpscares.

Spring is coming around and it's time to clean! Dust your drawers, clean your windows and most importantly, overcome your grief and face your demons.

This is a very short horror/P&C-ish game. There are two endings.


1.Sound: "Piano Hits"
Author: marcelofg55
License: CC-BY 3.0
Additional credit: Marcelo Fernandez (http://www.marcelofernandezmusic.com)

2.Sound: "16 button clicks"
Author: Independent.nu
License: CC0

3.Sound: "Impact"
Author: qubodup
License: CC0
Additional credit: Impact by Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch http://opengameart.org/users/qubodup

4.Sound: "Little girl saying game over" 
Author: Satch Dev
License: CC0

5.Sound: "100 CC0 SFX #2"
Author: rubberduck
License: CC0

6.Sound: "Page Turning Sfx Sound Effect"
Author: Nicole Marie T
License CC-BY 4.0
Additional credit: By Nicole Marie T or Sfx By Nicole Marie T

7.Sound: "Cloth swing sounds"
Author: Vinrax
License CC-BY 3.0

8.Sound: "Heartbeat sounds"
Author: bart
License: CC0

9.Sound "Man breathing"
Author: Jason130178
License CC-BY 3.0

10.Sound "Chewing, Breadstick, Single, B.wav"
Author: InspectorJ
License CC-BY 3.0

11.Sound "Boom Bang"
Author: Bareform
License CC-BY 3.0

12.Music: "Slow piano intermission"
Author: Spring
License: CC0

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withConstruct
Tags1-bit, 2D, Dark, Gore, Horror, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Short, Spooky, Surreal
Average sessionA few seconds


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this was sooo cool

scariest thing about this game was how dusty we let our house get (fr though il your game)

It remember a lot a game of mine, loved it :)

i love the design and the simplicity 


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is there a .... good ending?

nevermind... i.. i found it


I really like the concept. I like how the longer you play the creepier the game gets. At first, it's just an innocent cleaning game until you see the eye in the picture.


actually it's innocent until the teddy

oh you're right I forgot  T ^ T

It's understandable that you'd forget

really good game, short and simple. kinds easy too, but unsettling

Wasn't sure what I was expecting, but this is what I got...and I've no regrets.

Great short game, very good atmosphere. 
In his shortness it archive also a bit of storytelling.
What happened to the baby?

Thank you, very appreciated

I knew it was coming and I still jumped

Неофициальный русский перевод и прохождение без комментариев. Почему бы и нет. Игра красивая, кстати

Большое спасибо!

soooo cool!!

Most interesting game I´ve ever seen

SO does anyone know the code for the safe in the beginning?


heyy i did a good job! i didnt need to me killed i did such a good job cleaning everything was very squeaky :(


I love this game it's really creepy and fun tho, I got the good ending well done on making this game!! :)


This was great. Very creepy. Loved the aesthetic.


The simplicity of this really adds to the effectiveness! 

Plus, you really got me good with the jumpscare 😅


omg this game is so good, although it was quite short, it was worth the play ! i got super scared at the end and screamed,,, very loudly. thank you for making this great game !


I love this game! Worth the replay, when I noticed the numbers I went back to get the second "good" ending. 

*crunch* *munch*

(2 edits)


I think there's a bug with the lock, I misread the 6 as a g, and then realized all it took was numbers. I figured, okay, I'll just brute force the third number instead of replaying the game another time... Well, it looks like the third number can be anything, as long as the other three are correct.


Oh whoopsies

Nice game!!

that was scarryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good job


This was very creepy and well done! I got the bad ending and I jumped even though I knew something was coming. The buildup of horror was very good - probably my favorite moment was the mysterious hand slowly handing over the teddy bear. 


nice art and gameplay


Congratulations! Fabulous game!. :)

Really cool, i enjoyed it.

very fun


Hello! Your game is very well made! I loved the black and white style and how every interactive minigame slowly unravels the story<3 I hope you enjoy my commentary and reactions and the theories I have at the end!

I've never seen a horror game with this art style before! Great job!




Gonna be honest, it sent chills down my spine! Even though I knew the jump scares were coming , how they were played out was spooky. Definitely worth a play or three.

This was really cool though I could only get the bad ending. I was very rushed. I did an LP for it though!


did not scare me at all

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Burying the memories of your dead loved ones in order for a beautiful flower to grow from the newly saturated soil...  An amazing metaphor for starting another life and family from the wreck that your current living has become! I have a theory that the creature might be in fact our husband/wife (depending on who are we playing as) that is in complete ruins after the death of their child and you have to convince them to let go and start anew... Or it's simply the Grief itself. Regardless of what it was, LOVED everything about it!

I just LOVE the art style and the general aesthetic of this game, but I'm wondering how to access both endings? Do I get the other one by not closing the windows?



How did you get the other one?

at the beginning you can go down and there is a lock on a safe, the code is 1468, put that in then just play as normal.

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